Oak Financial & General Consulting (OFGC) is a full service accounting and consulting firm servicing Nigeria since 2000. The firm provides accounting, auditing, tax, systems and business consulting services to businesses and organizations operating in a diverse range of industries including:

Broadcasting, Manufacture, Retail, Distribution, Real Estate, Food Service, Non-profit organisations

In addition, the firm provides tax and financial consulting services to various individuals. The firm is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and has successfully participated n peer reviews.

The firm is comprised of highly dedicated and well trained staff members, All professional staff members undergo continuing professional education to ensure continued relevance.

From advising you on the latest emerging market trends and demand profiles for your products, OFGC will also advice you on staffing requirements ensuring that you make the best use of your greatest asset – human capital. We also consider your outsourcing needs and evaluate the extent of information technology impact on your business.

With versatile and highly experienced partners, using motivated and energetic staff who are thoroughly professional, we ensure that all your professional needs are just as you would desire.